Marek Zeman

Head of department IS Security and New Technologies, CISO
CRISC, Tatra banka

Security Specialisation: * Methodical security (IS and Physical), * New projects: security recommendation and Security Control implementation, * - Biometric security, * Voice,* Face, * FingerPrint, *  Mobile security, * IT Risk management, * Security strategy creation, *  Network security projector, *  IS Security projector

Partnership on: * internal audit, * SLA creation

Designing of: * Information Security Risk management designer and implementator (including GDPR related risks), * Security process designer and implementator (ITIL based), * Bussiness Continuity Plans and Disaster recovery coordination with IS Security, * New security applications, * Tiger team - Computer Security Response Team, * User awareness process in TBG, * Projector and administrator of central logging system, *mProjector and administrator of IDM (identity management).